Dining Tales, Episode 1

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A podcast about Glasgow’s rich culinary culture. Presented by Alex Meikle and Marco Giannasi, authors of the book Dining Tales, alongside Johnnie Anderson of Strathclyde University.

In the first episode Alex and Marco talk about what inspired their book, and about the evolution of Glasgow’s restaurant scene.

Find out more about the book Dining Tales here.

Johnnie is a researcher at Strathclyde University and is interested to hear from you:
“If you lived in Glasgow for any period of time during the 1960s-1990s I would love to hear from you for my PhD project. Funded by the University of Strathclyde, my project explores how life in Glasgow, Scotland’s most culturally diverse city, changed as the city welcomed migrant communities from across the Commonwealth, and beyond. I am particularly interested in understanding how Glasgow regularly came to celebrated as ‘Curry Capital of the UK’ by championing the influence of the City’s South Asian population. However, it is your overall experience of this period I am most keen to hear about. Please do reach out via email on johnnie.anderson@strath.ac.uk or on X/Twitter. Thank you!” 

Dining Tales, Episode 1 recorded by Richard Bull
Edited by Sylwia Szlachetka

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