Bread and Roses v Bread and Circuses

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Bread and Roses v Bread and Circuses: The story of the treatment of Glasgow’s Culture

A talk by Elspeth King

This talk offers a brief historical survey of Glasgow’s material culture looking at when Glasgow, capital of culture 1990 adopted the culture of capitalism. Why did Glasgow choose cultural destruction through the comprehensive redevelopment areas of 1955-1985 and why was so much lost? Is it acceptable to think of the culture purchased by William Burrell as being in any way an adequate replacement for what has been destroyed and forgotten?

Navigate the slide show during the talk to see a lot of social history objects, most of which have never seen the light of day since they were consigned to storage and, in some cases, to dispersal after 1990.

This talk was originally part of the event Women, Activism, Archives & Heritage #2 which took place at The Deep End on Sunday 6 August 2023 as part of Govanhill International Festival and Carnival.

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