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‘How was school for you?’

My name is Paul Quinn and, as a skinny 12 year old (the oldest of four with no older siblings) I went to school in Pollok in the 70s, and was terrified for the first three years of secondary!

Funnily enough, I went on to become a support teacher of vulnerable young people in a secondary school!

One day, talking to a colleague, I mentioned how much of a trauma my schooldays had been, and she said she had “really enjoyed school”!  I was amazed.

So my podcast‘s aim is to find people of all ages and ask them…

“How was school for you?”

We start with Carol, a songwriter with Romani heritage who went to school in Paisley in the 70s… and next we’ll hear from Joe and Tamsin, aged 85 and 90, who went to school during the war.

I would like to hear from you!

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  • My schooldays were in the s location 10 years earlier – my experience as a kid with a speech defect wasn’t perfect but I was really encouraged by the teachers because I was interested – there were a lot of no nacedemic kids who were just left and considered factory fodder