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Becci Wallace digs deep into the songwriting process of her guests, drawn from Scotland’s vibrant music scene.

In this episode Becci talks to Matt Hickman a.k.a. Brownbear about Nostalgia, Re-Learning and Moving Forward.

Hailing from Ayrshire, in just a few years Matt Hickman and Brownbear have taken themselves from a band tipped to do big things to selling out headline shows across the UK. 

With their debut album What is Home? and a string of sold out headline shows already under their belt, Brownbear are currently touring their second live release Demons to critical acclaim across the UK. Frontman and songwriter Matt Hickman joins us today for a chat about his songs and moving forward. 


Song 1: 
Retro – Brownbear 
Written by Matt Hickman 
Label: Assai Records

Song 2: 
Spin Another Web – Brownbear
Written by Matt Hickman 
Label: Assai Records 

Song 3: 
Unity – Brownbear
Written by Matt Hickman 
Label: Assai Records 

Song 4: 
Can’t Take my Eyes off You -Frankie Valli 
(1967)- Written by Crewe/Gaudio 
Label: Philips 

Podcast presented, recorded, edited and produced by Becci Wallace
Additional editing and production by Conal McGregor

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