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Becci Wallace digs deep into the songwriting process of her guests, drawn from Scotland’s vibrant music scene.

In this episode Becci talks to John McMustard about Parties, Politics and the Heart of the Matter.

John McMustard is the front man and party starter for Scotland’s ultimate festival band Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5. He launched his debut solo album at the 10-night National Museum Of Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Run with album Sports Mixture, garnering radio play from Roddy Hart (BBC Radio Scotland). The album reached number 24 in the Apple alternative music chart with lead single ‘I’m A Vegetarian, But I Don’t Like To Talk About It’ hitting number 7 in the kids chart! Not bad considering the opening line of the song is ‘Morrisey is murder’. The album is a genre-hopping mixture of social commentary, nostalgia and humour, based on good sports like pigeon fancying, wrestling, snooker, pool, darts and vegetarianism and terrible sports like golf and bigotry. The album features friends Gordy Duncan Jr, Stuart McKay, Anna Martin, Christina Gordon, Ant Thomaz from DOPESICKFLY, Colin Hunter, Jon MacKenzie, Alistair Edwards from the The Creative Martyrs and Josephine Sillars. 


Song 1:
Cross The Road – Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5 featuring Castlemilk Youth Complex Choir 
Album: The Difficult Number 2, released June 5, 2021
Written by John McAlinden

Song 2:
You’ll Simply Never Walk Alone The Best – Hunter & McMustard 
Written by John McAlinden and Gordy Duncan Jr
Recorded and mixed in 2019 by Tommy Duffin at 16 Ohm Studio, Glasgow
Produced by Tommy Duffin, Gordy Duncan and John McAlinden
Mastered by Daniel Meade 

Song 3: 
This West Of Scotland Vegan Is Going To Do Your Nut In – John McMustard 
Released on 31 March, 2023
Producer: Dragon Sucio 
Composer: John McAlinden & Colin Hunter

Song 4:
Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles 
Released 1966 
Album: Revolver 
Label: Parlophone

Podcast presented, recorded, edited and produced by Becci Wallace
Additional editing and production by Conal McGregor

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