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Becci Wallace digs deep into the songwriting process of her guests, drawn from Scotland’s vibrant music scene.

In this episode Becci talks to Maaike Siegerist about Ghost Stories, Alter Egos and the Forgotten Women of Scottish Culture.

Maaike Siegerist is a Dutch singer, songwriter and producer, based in Glasgow. Originally from Schiedam, a city famous for its tall windmills and Dutch gin, she moved to the UK in 2014 to study songwriting. She has released two albums and one EP to date. 

Maaike’s songs take musical inspiration from many different genres, including classic jazz, folk and acoustic pop. The lyrics tell of travels, love, remarkable people, and endangered animals like the Scottish Wildcat. BBC Radio 6 Music, local BBC radio and Amazing Radio have played Maaike’s music. She has won the songwriting competitions of Glastonbury FM and UWE Bristol. 

Before moving to Glasgow, Maaike lived in Bristol for five years. Supported by Jelli Records, she has performed across the South West. Festival performances include the main stage at Bradford Roots , the acoustic stage at Bristol Harbour Festival, the Royal Bath & West Show and Keynsham Music Festival. 


Song 1: 
Lotus Flowers on the Lake – Maaike Siegerist
from Little Dutch Songbook, released July 3, 2022
Maaike Siegerist, vocals, guitar 
Ron Phelan, bass and strings arrangement 
Susanna Downes, piano
Cicadas recorded by Iain McCurdy 

Song 2:
Bone Collector – Dora Lachaise
released October 23, 2020
Vocals and guitar: Dora Lachaise
Cello: Siobhan Wilson 
Extra vocals: Jonni Slater 
Mixed by Jonni Slater 
Mastered by Nick Cooke
Written and produced by Dora Lachaise

Song 3:
Willow Wood (demo)- Maaike Siegerist 
(Unreleased) 2023
Vocals: Maaike Siegerist 
Keys: Jonni Slater 
Written and Produced by Maaike Siegerist 

Song 4: 
Nature Boy – Nat King Cole 
Label: Capitol 
Written by Eden Ahbez 

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